For Patients

When you're the one getting ready for a procedure, no surgery is minor – a feeling we completely understand. As you browse this section, you'll find information to help you understand precisely what's ahead, and our hope is that it will put you more at ease. Whatever questions remain, our staff has answers for you, so don't hesitate to ask!

Remember that what's provided here is general information; your surgery is unique and you should discuss all detailed questions and concerns with your physician. Furthermore, if anything you find on this site contradicts the instructions you received from a physician or nurse, always defer to the medical professional.

Click here for more information about preparing your child for surgery.


Physicians Care Surgical Hospital is now offering Patients 24-hour secure web access to your individual health records and information. Patient web access to Simple Portalâ„¢ provides the convenience of viewing your health information wherever, and whenever necessary. The online portal also allows you to communicate interactively with your provider by exchanging online messages.

Simple Portal Access:

  • Health History and Information
  • Downloading Health Records
  • Messaging Providers
  • Sending Records to Providers

To view your easy, secure online health records please follow these simple instructions:

  • Click on the Simple Portal link below
  • Choose "Patients"
  • Enter your e-mail as your username and your social security number as your password using the "123-45-6789" format.

Simple Portal

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